Thursday, March 21.

6PM - 8PM

Byward Boulevard
Julian Bate-Vergette

A young investment banker finds a discrepancy in the spreadsheets at his job. This discovery comes with consequences for him when his boss shows up unannounced. 

Another Man's Trash
Emilie Azevedo

Julien gets rid of his seemingly broken lamp, only to find it on Facebook marketplace a few days later. 

For My Love
Zachary Chabot

A grieving woman's eulogy to the deceased

Cancer While Black
Anthonette Jacob

Cancer While Black is about individuals and caregivers with family members who experience Cancer.  The stigma that the Black community has when faced with illness is not to share.  This docuseries shows that we are no different from other cultures.  Cancer 

Friday, March 22.

3PM - 5PM

Zuri's Gift
Chris IKongo

A girl named Zuri, whose tragic death leads her brother Marcus to embark on a dark and haunting journey.

The Addiction Status
Dimitri Abdul Nour

A short film about the struggles of a young man addicted to pornography and his quest to have a better relationship with God.


Ben Bergeron

A neurodivergent youth shares his story through music with the help of his support worker.

Harmony in the North
Christalla Buttle

The Roster
Simba Yakibonge

Fragment de Soi
Chris Nyce

A broken woman comes face to face with her past traumatic experiences, she has fallen apart and no longer recognizes who she is. Now she's on a search to find the missing pieces of her life.

Saturday, March 23


Time, Life & Fate

This piece loosely pays homage to my struggles as an individual but also sheds light to a brighter future.

On this Harvest Moon

On This Harvest Moon
Stephanie Lalonde

A young woman thinks she's going to meet her online love for the first time until things go horribly wrong. Will this be her last chance at love and life?

Wendy and Peter
Jonna Bouliane 

Wendy and Peter are the last of the lost boys to make it out, but will imagination be enough to save them?

Freshh Anderson

After a fellow comrade is murdered in cold blood, a young investigating officer takes a deep look at his career choices after an intense interrogation


Stay Magical
Deena A. Alsaweer

A chance encounter with a "SwiftLift" driver named Ava turns a family's somber day into a magical and heartwarming journey filled with music, memories, and a message from beyond.

The Middle Eight
Kishan Sondagar

In the weeks following Laura's death, Jay attempts to complete the last song they were working on together.

Sunday, March 24.

2PM - 8PM

Des Les Debut with cast and Q&A and closing event.

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